We have our own service of all car brands. Our dedicated mechanics have long-time experience from reputable and branded premium brand services. Thanks to the above-standard relationships with suppliers, we guarantee very favorable prices while maintaining branded quality without long waiting times.
During the service we offer renting the vehicle at the expense of the insurance company or at considerably more favorable prices than the price list of the car rental.


We offer a rescue and take-off service for a crashed or unplanned vehicle across the EU. If necessary, we provide specialized service, storage of the car, crew removal or delivery of a replacement vehicle of your choice.

PICK–UP service

Thanks to our PICK-UP service, you do not have to worry about getting your car serviced. Just call us, we’ll pick you up the car in the agreed place and take care of it. We offer the possibility to rent a spare car during the service. Then bring your car back to you.


Within our service we offer professional vehicle maintenance. We will completely clean, clean and repair your vehicle’s damage and imperfections. We return the original gloss and depth. For its subsequent protection, we use state-of-the-art protection technologies to extend the life of the paintwork and the new look of the car. We will also take care of its interior.
In case of interest, we apply protective, design and advertising films to any type of vehicle, including the use of sun-blinds for windows.


We offer tire services, which have the highest quality equipment in the market. We work with suppliers of the world’s most renowned manufacturers. We wait for you to repair the defect, overcome tires, and offer our customers premium discounts on new tires from our suppliers. We also have a wide range of used tires.


We cooperate with all insurance companies on the Czech market, so we are able to resolve any insurance event for you. In the event of an accident, we will provide all the details regarding the repair of the vehicle and the process of the damage event.